Allow Me to Introduce Myself

I moved to Maui from Tokyo in 1999. After traveling in over thirty countries and living and working in China and Japan for the better part of fifteen years, I and my wife, Kazuko, were ready to treat ourselves. The cultural diversity is what drew us to Maui. It is a beautiful place, physically…that plus the ethnic and cultural mix really makes Maui special. Our lives here are enriched through daily exposure to many traditions. There is a mutual appreciation for differences, not merely a tolerance of them. It’s a treat to live somewhere that’s so much fun.

I enjoys brainstorming with clients, and tell them to look inside before they look outside. We have many great properties here, and a variety of terrain unique in Hawaii … if you tell me what your needs are, I will do my best to match or exceed them. Contact me for help with a specific property or to simply begin to make your dream real…I enjoy the entire process and so will you.

Jan Lap, Realtor (B)